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The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw

Why Atomic?

We empower businesses from the inside out.


Unlock the power of effective communication

Have confidence to make decisions based on true insights.


Invest in your people and they will want to stay

Start building a more resilient and empowered team.


Embed a company culture 

Instil an ethos of shared values and authenticity.

Leveraging communication styles

How we choose to communicate with one another is at the heart of building healthy relationships, teams and organisations. We all recognise that our people are our biggest asset in business, so let’s get to know them.

Let’s learn how to embrace different styles and leverage the strengths of our natural preferences to improve communication.

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How we improve communication starts with understanding ourselves; our preferences, our unique style, our strengths and raising our awareness of our blind spots. But it doesn’t stop there…understanding the difference in others is key to seeing change.

And there’s more…

It’s when we choose to adapt our communication style, to take into consideration differences…we see amazing results! Stronger and more efficient teams, improved staff retention, increased innovation and shared vision and goals.

Building a culture

In an often pressurised environment, driven by results, financial constraints and the need to deliver – where in the pecking order does building a compelling company culture fall?

‘Company culture’ has become a bit of a buzz word in recent years,  but what does it mean? How do we balance building an authentic culture with the day to day pressures of building a successful team or business?

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It may start with the company values, but is built and sustained through the individuals that embody them.

Creating a company culture is intentional. It’s not about the latest trendy beanbags or coffee machines – it’s about applying our values to every part of the business and getting everyone on board with the bigger vision.

But people need to understand their own piece of the jigsaw. Where do I fit? What value do I bring?

Most of us ultimately want to part of a business that gets who we are, uses our natural skills and allows us to be part of a bigger picture.

So how do we embrace the richness, diversity and added value that difference brings to a team whilst trying to build the same jigsaw?

How we work together


We work with you to shape our workshops around your objectives. It’s not one size fits all! We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, across different sectors and at different stages of growth. But they all have one thing in common – an ambition to help their people communicate better!

We use a quick, accurate behavioural profiling diagnostic to launch our workshops.

Unlock the power of effective communication

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Are you interested in exploring team dynamics? Where are the strengths? Where are the gaps? What about stress triggers and having those difficult conversations with colleagues? How do we work together more effectively?

Building a more resilient and empowered team

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Are you a growing organisation that really wants to invest in your people? Do you want to empower individuals and teams with the tools to communicate better, play to their strengths and deliver your goals successfully? Do you want to retain key talent?

Creating a culture based on authenticity

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Are you looking to truly embed a unique way of working – to strengthen a culture based on real values and authenticity?

Do you need a tool that will help you implement this across your teams quickly?

About us

We are a dynamic duo who have years of expertise in talent acquisition and communications.
We’ve covered most sectors; from working with individuals, start-ups, global businesses and 3rd sector organisations to lobbying government! Size really doesn’t matter!
You could say that we are a bit nosey, definitely passionate and fascinated by helping people excel at what they do naturally.

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