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Ultimately we want to be part of a business that gets who we are, uses our natural skills and allows us to be part of a bigger picture.


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What is Career Coaching?

My coaching isn’t just about solving job search problems. It is a holistic opportunity to find your purpose, identify what is important to you in the present and evaluate what a fulfilled life looks and feels like to YOU.

The discovery is developed. The process has agreed to milestones and marketing tools to support the job search arena.


Is Career Coaching right for me?

Are you are in a place of a career change? Do you simply need structure, accountability and guidance because you quite frankly don’t know where to start?

Are you failing to get traction in a job search or want to start with a new approach based on measuring your own values?

Are you re-entering the workplace as an empty nester or after a career break, looking for a change of direction or keen to get ahead of the curve? Together we will empower you to make authentic career choices.

Which career stage are you at?


Re-entering the employment world after time away can raise fear, doubt and identity issues!  We will reframe your employment mindset, uncover what really matters to you and discover where you excel naturally. Be confident in finding your purpose.


Don’t be lost in transition! The framework we build will focus on broadening your vision, identifying transferable skills and deepen your understanding of your values. Be an active participant in the positive move from one company to the next.


Getting you ahead of the curve by delivering insights into your behaviour. Discovering how to leverage different communication preferences to improve relationships. We will address growth inhibitor blind spots to maximise your true potential and reach those next career goals.

My Approach

Great personality aside, I am interested in your behaviour. Why? Because behaviour refers to EVERYTHING we do.

Sitting at the core of what we do together is the initial behaviour profiling exercise. It is quick and accurate. The AUTHENTIC insights we gather can be both challenging and encouraging. However, its in the application of the unique insights we gather where we see results that make a change.

Understand Your Behaviour. See Change.

How Do I Help?


Planning with Purpose

 Purpose provides a deeper meaning and recognition. What is your purpose? 


Navigation & Networking

It’s about who you know and who you need to know. How do you actively network?


You are a brand

Build it. Own it. Identify a Personal Board of Directors. Who will champion you?


An Energy Audit

Wellbeing matters. Learn to manage your personal energy. Move from fight & flight to rest & repair.



Hi, I’m Rachel

I see the good in people, orange is my favourite colour and after twenty years in talent acquisition, I can wholeheartedly say, I love what I do; helping people find out where they excel naturally.  

My Story

The Mindful Career Coach

My international career began with Right Management, a global leader in talent and career management workforce solutions. I then focused on recruiting best in class executives and operational teams for the portfolio companies of institutional investors and fund managers.

I now work with curiously courageous people who want to grow by investing in time to get to know themselves, their values and strengths.

It fascinates me that 93% of human behaviour is predictable (Barabasi). So why would we not use this insight to live more authentically?

For me, Atomic Tangerine is all about enabling people to love what they do and do what they love. Simple.

When I am not busy profiling, coaching and building teams, you can find me researching new travel plans, cooking up a curry or trying to work it off with some yoga!  Happiest near, under or on the sea!

C-me Colour Profile: High Yellow – A sparkling conversationalist, Visionary, Optimistic and Generous.

Accredited Behaviour Profiler, Co-Active Coach in Training, Training Member of International Coaching Association, Meditation Teacher in breathing techniques, philosophy & psychology. NLP. Business / Life Mentor.

My Values & Beliefs


Values need to be revisited

We must first look inward. Revising your values makes you live life differently and build a life with fulfilment.


Different behaviour preferences bring different strengths

Measuring your behaviour, characteristics and preferences is the foundation for change.


Authenticity always wins

Successful businesses and careers are built on a foundation of people that share your vision and values.


Get Curious. Be Challenged. See Change



Get Curious. Am I the right person to coach you? Let’s have an initial ‘chemistry chat’ and take it from there.


3 month accelerated or 6-month transition programme.  Bespoke monthly option blocks fitting your schedule.


Engage in the space to uncover your true potential and start living life differently. Celebrate where you excel naturally.

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