Talent Management

Get the right fit from the offset and you’ll enable all your people to work together with genuine passion, enthusiasm and a shared vision for the future.


Healthy culture. Higher retention. Happier people.

Talent Management

Matching the right talent to the right job is obvious. However, building a company culture is intentional and this is the heart of a successful talent management. Your people are your biggest asset. Invest in getting to know them from the start and understand what makes them tick, make their on-boarding a valued experience and they will stay.

I work with businesses to help build the right talent strategy and execution. Over the last 20 years I’ve worked with the traditional executive search model, set up in-house search teams and operated as Head of Talent for a startup incubator. I’ve learnt that successful businesses and careers are built on a foundation of people who share your vision and values.

Let’s talk about how I can help your talent needs.

No Ordinary Search

Say yes to a process beyond a mere placement.

As a high growth, early stage business, you might see recruitment as a necessary evil. You need top talent fast but don’t want to break the bank. You may even have been burnt, compromised in the process or made an expensive mistake. Not ideal when you want to be heads down, building a compelling story for the next round of investment.

The good news is that times have changed. Imagine if you could trust that the person placing your new hire was as invested in their long-term success as you are.

Let’s share the risk and work together.

The Talent Pool

A pool of extraordinary talent actively seeking a new challenge.

As my live network continually grows, it made sense to establish a live candidate referral option to clients that care about the right fit.

So, as a business let me know your talent gaps, dip into the pool and accelerate results.

As a jobseeker, register and be introduced to opportunities under the radar.

Win. Win. Win.

Hi I’m Rachel
I believe every hire counts.

Over the last 2o years in recruitment I’ve seen three really frustrating things…

I’ve seen really talented people struggling to get into the right roles. I’ve found businesses, looking for those people and unable to find them. Or they’ve hired but not got the fit right. It sounds so simple yet we continue to see it everyday. Taking my experience I built Atomic Talent to offer a service that helps people get to the right place and excel in the right role. For businesses we take a unique approach to fees enabling you to say goodbye to heavy risk, transactional recruitment and fees in favour of the recruiter no matter the result.

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