A good life
is not lived by chance but by choice.

Kobe Yamada

At what point in a person’s life is career coaching likely to be most useful?

The answer is, at every point. Career choices aren’t a one size fits all sort of thing.
Whether you’re climbing the career ladder, returning to work after a time of absence, working through redundancy or looking to transition into another industry, figuring out your next step isn’t the easiest task in the world.

Coaching Benefits

In nutshell my coaching will bring the power of choice into your life and enable you to make a conscious commitment to action to move forward.

It’s easy to forget in the ebb and flow of life and to loose site of what truly matters to you. Give yourself the space to let go of perceived rules and limitations and step into what makes you truly feel alive.

  • Clarify your purpose
  • Access your inner wisdom and reconnect your intuition
  • Identify your unique values and assess how you are honouring them in your life
  • Shed self defeating influences
  • Let go of perceived rules and limitations and step into what makes you truly feel alive
  • Manage stress and feel re energised
You today. Right here. Right now.

Do you feel like you’re lost in transition? Are you wandering aimlessly through the vast job market? Perhaps you’re itching to get ahead of the curve?

If you have reached this point, don’t sweat it. Choose to break the pattern.

I’m here to help you step into a space to gain control and be guided on addressing the 4 four pillars of building a truly fulfilled career.

Skills, Compensation, Lifestyle & Meaningful Contribution

Coaching to Fit You

I offer two short programmes for success in specific areas of job search and a more in-depth programme which takes you on a deep dive to evaluate your career options including work life balance, wellbeing and resilience.

If we have spoken on a discovery call or worked together previously there is access to laser ‘pay as you go’ coaching sessions to address immediate concerns or to enable you to be supported at career milestones.

Not sure about options, just touch base.


​I need a personal career branded story to land me the right job.

  • CV Clinic
  • Interview Skills
  • LinkedInPower
  • Building a personal board of directors



​I am lost in transition or trying to figure out what to do next.

  • Career Transition
  • Getting ahead
  • Career Choices
  • Working through redundancy



I need to talk confidently about looking for a job.

  • Networking
  • Navigating the market
  • Approaching the job market



I am interested in learning to balance work and life as well as my energy levels.

  • An energy audit
  • Burn out recovery
  • Building resilience
  • Stress management


I believe in choice

I work with talented people who want to go from feeling stuck in their career to landing a role which truly matters to them. People have always been my thing and perhaps I’m particularly curious but I do love a story.

Everyone has one and yours is unique. I believe a story uncovers your roots and shows who you truly are inside and over the last 20 years in talent management I’ve never heard the same one twice.

So click here to learn a little more about mine…

Kind Words


Rachel is simply put – one of the rare gems. She is authentic and a great listener. Working with Rachel means having honest, open conversations. She gives a damn and it makes all the difference.

Head of Financial Planning & Analysis

CEO, Digital Start Up


I found working with Rachel a refreshing experience and an ultimately fruitful relationship. Rachel is honest, transparent and genuinely helpful. Rachel continued to coach me during my first 90 days in a new role which proved to be a valuable support and independent sounding board.

VP Sales & Partnerships, Digital Start Up


Rachel is a highly experienced and personable coach that successfully combines those qualities with a set of structured methodologies to meet your career needs.

All of this is achieved in a supportive environment and enabled me to surface what was really important to me as a role, company culture as well as what the business actually did!

Head of Customer Services, Security Surveillance& Industrial Automation


Rachel gets people. She is supportive and insightful and has the ability to cut through the noise to help you focus on tangible next actions. Transitioning from a long term role she helped me clarify and articulate my skills and ambitions in a way that gave me the confidence to pursue new opportunities.

Director / Co-Founder, Digital Marketing Start up


With Rachel’s help, I was able to turn the ideas wizzing around my head. Rachel is extremely knowledgeable, honest and encouraging in her approach. She knows all the right questions to ask, but I love the way she lets you find the answer. Her advice and guidance has been invaluable to me – she has helped me to uncover the real essence and vibe of my career and business. The whole process has been fascinating and one I would highly recommend to anyone.

Professional Coach & GB Athlete


Rachel was involved in onboarding myself at the current company I am at. She is completely dedicated to delivery and goes the extra mile. She is full of energy and enthusiasm.

CEO, Digital Start Up