Remote Working

What you can expect

So the big question is how do we become exceptional at ensuring we have a happy workforce, organisational culture, stakeholders and customers all from our home office?

We believe that technological competence combined with communication insight is the key. Whatever video platform you choose this is an opportunity to connect with more people, allow more people to contribute to innovation and build a culture based on authenticity. This workshop explores both the set up and preparation for a virtual meeting, but also how to engage successfully with your audience.

We mustn’t throw out everything we’ve learnt about our individual approaches, communication style or things that we find challenging. These insights still matter over video – perhaps even more than ever!

Key Insights

  • What really matters to others if I’m using a video platform?

  • How can I prepare better for meetings online?

  • Are there practical tips for preparing the content of meetings?

  • How do I adapt my style to connect with different styles in the virtual room?

  • What might hinder a good connection?

  • What happens if it all goes wrong?

Key Outcomes

  • Practical guidelines to take you though the set up and engagement for remote meetings.

  • An opportunity to explore how to engage with different styles and understand what changes in the context of virtual meetings.

  • An understanding of the stress triggers for different types of people in a remote setting and how these can be mitigated.


  • We understand that everyone’s communication requirements are different, so we approach each client as an individual.

  • Sessions can be either virtual (on zoom) or in- person.

  • Our sessions can be completed using an individual behaviour profiling report or using a more interactive learning style – the choice is yours.

Questions to get you thinking…

  • What does ‘good’ look like for you?

  • How does the session fit in to your development plan?

  • How many people is the session for?

  • What kind of follow up are you planning?

  • What are your ideal timings?

  • Are you thinking of an online session or in person?