Rachel’s Story…

You know the truth by the way it feels inside.

Working in busy, fast-paced corporate & investment funds, so often all around me I saw people burning out, stuck in the wrong role, going in the wrong direction or in a non-supportive culture where they weren’t taken care of. It never sat well. But it wasn’t until I found myself in a job where the culture wasn’t a fit that something inside changed. I was great at the role and well rewarded but just not feeling the joy. I also fell flat on my face through burnt out. I was overdrawn on the energy front.

Unable to escape the feeling of unease, I had a word with myself, listened to my intuition and the feeling was absolute. I had a choice. There had to be a better way of doing what I love.

I decided to get out there and help people be in the right job, where they don’t burn out and their career is a hugely rewarding part of their lives.

I made it a mission for myself. And now I’ve made it possible for you too through Atomic Tangerine.


Balancing work and play

When I am not busy coaching and building teams, you’ll find me continuously researching travel adventures, cooking up an experiment or trying to work it off with some yoga, surfing or latest gym fad!

I grew up in India, was educated in Scotland and then went on to work internationally. I currently live in the garden of England (that’s Kent); with my husband, daughter and dog, Bobo.

Other than home, my happy place is near, under or on the sea.

Accredited Behaviour Profiler, Co-Active Coach in Training, Training Member of International Coaching Association, Meditation Teacher in breathing techniques, philosophy & psychology. NLP. Business / Life Mentor. Dive Master.