Lizzie’s Story

Firstly thanks for being interested…

So as you’ve probably guessed, understanding how different people choose to communicate is not an added extra – it’s a must if we want to create a culture that helps people to thrive, feel understood and belong.

With 20 years plus experience in marketing communications, events and global brand development for rapidly growing organisations including international telecoms and healthcare to government lobbying to fast paced, competitive start-ups and charities – I’ve seen it all! – the good, the bad and definitely the ugly!

I’ve learnt from some amazing leaders that it doesn’t matter how good your idea is – if you can’t connect with those that matter its dead in the water!

As an accredited behaviour profiling trainer and creative communications specialist, I work to equip organisations to understand team dynamics, utilise thought diversity and create a sustainable culture based on respect. For me it’s about sharing practical tools to make application as easy and memorable as possible and dare I say it fun!


When I’m not talking comms, you’ll find me at home in the South West with my family. Loving having the time to get fitter, healthier and spend time with the people that really matter. Usually found trying to keep up with my Kids on mountain bikes, sewing and designing costumes or in the gym! Apologies to those that hate it – but I am one of those few people who love the new ‘marmite and peanut butter combo’!

My happy place is on a beach… or in a hammock on a beach!

Did I mention a beach!

Let’s connect.