Is it time to change your style?

Worth thinking about…

In this season people are perhaps valuing different styles in their leaders than they may have previously.

Forbes recently reported that “Attributes such as humility, empathy, authenticity and flexibility may now be more prized than any others.”

What does collaboration look like?

Collaboration between colleagues (whatever their position in the business) is more evident. We love the story that the FT reported of Sharon White, Chair of John Lewis, stacking shelves in Waitrose to ‘help panicky buyers’. What a great demonstration of working together for the greater good. But what does true collaboration look like on a daily basis?

Embracing new styles

We all have different natural leadership styles, but let’s not forget the things that have changed for the better over the last few months. We’ve been forced to adapt our leadership style quickly, to step out of our comfort zone and embrace styles that have perhaps felt uncomfortable for some.

Difficult conversations

If we manage a team, interact with clients, partners or stakeholders, at some point we are going to encounter tricky conversations. How we manage these has a huge bearing on our ongoing relationships in a team. So how do we do these crucial conversations well?

Getting the balance right

Thoughtful leadership brings the human element to the forefront but doesn’t neglect the need for strategic direction. It’s a fine balance, but let’s hope that we decide to continue to take the risk to keep people and their needs at the centre of our organisations.

What’s next for you and your team?

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