Communications Lift off

What you can expect

It starts by looking at ourselves and understanding our preferred way to communicate. It then involves looking outward and recognising that different people in our teams perhaps prefer to communicate in a different way.

But here’s the really useful part – if we can understand the differences and choose to adapt where we need to, then communication becomes an effective and powerful tool to drive both performance and culture.

We work with you to understand any specific goals and then create a workshop that can be carried out remotely on zoom or in person. Through a series of fun exercises, visuals and discussion we take the team on a journey that leads to a meaningful action plan.

Key Insights

  • What is my preferred communication style?

  • How do others in my team differ in style?

  • What value does my style bring to the team?

  • When do I need to adapt to bring out the best in myself and others?

  • How can we as a team turn theory into everyday practice?

Key Outcomes

  • An understanding of individual and team communication styles.

  • An awareness of what value each person brings to the organisation.

  • A opportunity to practice flexing your style to learn about other approaches.

  • An opportunity to create an action plan to ensure this is not a one hit wonder!

  • Top tips for communicating better


  • We understand that everyone’s communication requirements are different, so we approach each client as an individual.

  • Sessions can be either virtual (on zoom) or in- person.

  • Our sessions can be completed using an individual behaviour profiling report or using a more interactive learning style – the choice is yours.

Questions to get you thinking…

  • What does ‘good’ look like for you?

  • How does the session fit in to your development plan?

  • How many people is the session for?

  • What kind of follow up are you planning?

  • What are your ideal timings?

  • Are you thinking of an online session or in person?