Communications Boost

What you can expect

Now you and your team have got to grips with the basics of good communication practices, it’s time to explore how you can truly make the most of this learning. The initial tools are just the foundation – get creative about embedding the new knowledge into your culture.

How do we consider different styles and strengths when building a team? What implications does difference have on our brand values and culture within an organisation?

Using your current processes and exploring new ideas to apply good practice ensures great communication will quickly become part of the fabric of your team – not a nice to have, but a building block for the future.

Key Insights

  • How can we practically embed our learning so far to make a tangible difference to the organisation?

  • How do we collaborate better on real projects to increase efficiency and productivity?

  • What about communicating to influence?

  • How does understanding different stress triggers increase resilience?

  • Does difference of style impact building a healthy organisational culture?

Key Outcomes

  • Practical ways to embed good communication practice into team and organisational life.

  • A roadmap for collaboration.

  • New skills to build relationships with external suppliers and partners when it matters.

  • Increased awareness of how to build a resilient team.

  • Food for thought around developing a sustainable and happy culture.


  • We understand that everyone’s communication requirements are different, so we approach each client as an individual.

  • Sessions can be either virtual (on zoom) or in- person.

  • Our sessions can be completed using an individual behaviour profiling report or using a more interactive learning style – the choice is yours.